Merge : 15 September 2018

In 2012 ICANN, the oversight body for Names and Numbers on the Internet, opened up the opportunity for a variety of participants to apply to operate a TLD during a brief window of time. Soon, there appears to be another open round which could provide opportunity and changes that everyone should be aware of.

This meeting is a gathering of top providers, experts, and interested participants to discuss the next wave of new domains, lessons learned, budgeting, planning, and more.

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Middle East DNS Forum : 25 April 2018

The Middle East DNS Forum brings together field experts and affected parties to discuss the latest developments in the global domain marketplace and ways to strengthen the DNS industry in the Middle East:
  • The Domain Name Industry: A Global Perspective – Highlighting latest trends in the domain name industry in light of the 1200+ New generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) introduced over the past few years.
  • Geographic Top-Level Domains Panel Discussion– City TLD operators sharing their experiences.
  • Domain Name System (DNS) and Cybersecurity – A keynote on the role of ICANN’s Security, Stability and Resiliency (SSR) team in engaging with global security community on issues pertaining to DNS abuse and misuse.
  • Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs): What is Still Missing for Full Adoption – Exploring the world of Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs); where they stand and what should be done for their universal acceptance.
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AFNIC forum : 17 May 2018

Custom TLDs: the new brand trend (Thursday 17 May 2018 (12:AM)

This day of meetings, exchanges and networking will bring together experts (leaders, executives, VSEs / SMEs, innovative players and project managers), who will share with you their experiences and their vision of the upcoming challenges.

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GDD Industry Summit : 14 May 2018

The GDD Industry Summit provides contracted parties an opportunity to engage and address issues of mutual interest and importance. This forum enables direct and one-on-one interaction with members of the ICANNorg's GDD team. It is not a typical ICANN meeting nor is it solely intended for discussions of policy.

Marketing Technology Expo : 21 March 2018

The landscape of domain endings (top-level domains or TLDs) is changing. We’ve seen an influx of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs), such as .blog, .london, .guru, and .BRAND gTLDs, giving consumers and brands more choice.

But what are the SEO implications of this growing landscape? How does Google treat these new gTLDs? How can you successfully switch your domain without harming your SEO? This seminar will cover these questions and more.

GAC Discussion on .AMAZON : 10 March 2018

The GAC will be following up on its inter-sessional discussion since ICANN60 and the Board response received following the ICANN60 Communique.

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New gTLD milestone: 2,700 subscribers

Cloudfest : 14 March 2018

Cloudfest is a place where partners and attendees become as much a part of the program as the inspiring speakers who take to the stage. CloudFest embraces and celebrates the cloud industry – it is everything new and exciting in technology and internet innovation.

Shifting Perspectives: Nothing "New" About New gTLDs Anymore
Presenter: Thorsten Einig
Where: Circus Celebration

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Pre-ICANN61 Policy Open House : 1 March 2018

In this interactive 60-minute open house, the focus will be an active question and answer session with the Policy Development Support Team:
  • A Walk in the Shoes of a New Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) Registry Operator;
  • Name Collisions;
  • ...
Policy development processes underway:
  • Review of All Rights Protection Mechanisms in All gTLDs;
  • Protections for Red Cross National Society Names in the Domain Name System;
  • New gTLD Subsequent Procedures;
  • ...
Advisory Committee activities:
  • GAC discussion on the .AMAZON Independent Review Process;
  • RSSAC & SSAC Response to the GNSO's New gTLD Subsequent Procedures Working Group on Root Scaling;
  • SSAC Response to the ICANN Internationalized Domain Name Guidelines Working Group;
  • ...
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Just announced: the .CHARITY new gTLD auction

The .CHARITY new gTLD: commencement date for auction #20 is on 18 April 2018 at 16:00 UTC.

Contention sets are on hold for these strings and are not yet eligible:
  1. .GAY
  2. .HOME
  3. .CPA
  4. .HOTEL
  5. .MAIL
  6. .MERCK
  7. .CORP
  8. .MUSIC
  9. .SPA
  10. .KID/.KIDS
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